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Elder Advocates Testimonials

Following are just a few of the comments and letters we have received from clients and their family members since 2004....

 "...My wife and I became caretakers of my 79 year old widowed younger sister. It has proved to be an extremely challenging situation. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, diabetes, macular degeneration, hearing loss and high blood pressure, to name a few of her health problems. We inevitably sought nursing help...we hired Elder Advocates who have proven to be the epitome of true nursing professionals. They are knowledgeable in dealing with health problems associated with the elderly. They are in constant communication, furnishing us with recommendations that help our decision making. I would highly recommend Elder Advocates to anyone requiring nursing care for the elderly...."

"...Thanks so much for all your help and wise counsel with my Mom and Dad. You were a Godsend to our family..."

"...wanting to write you a letter to express my deepest gratitude to you. You have opened your arms and encircled my Dad, making him truly welcomed, protected, knowing he has a great nurse and friend he can count on...during your visits you make him laugh and put him at ease. We need more like you out there, looking out for our parents, I guess you need to be cloned!..."

 "...thank you for the wonderful care you have given our mother over the last several not only helped Mom, but you helped us with many aspects of her were always there for Mom and for us...."

 "...with your help we found an assisted living residence only one and a half miles from where Mom and Dad live now. We are planning the move in the next two weeks and my Mother actually seems to be looking forward to it. Thanks for your help...."

 "...thank you for all you did for Mom and Dad as they worked through the challenges and detours they faced with Dad's disease. You were a guardian angel that entered our home at a time most in opened so many doors and left so much warmth for both Mom and Dad...your kind intentions will be remembered always...."

"...I appreciate the updates on my parents, but most of all the kindness and support you give my mother thinks so much of you and I know you make their world a brighter place..."

 "...Thank you for your passionate, personal attention to our parents' challenges. It's been a real breakthrough having you working with them. I hope to see you on my next visit..."

 "...thank you so much for all of your help taking care of my parents. I don;'t know what we would have done without you!..."

 "....thank you for helping us move Mom...She is so much happier and less anxious now that she is with us. All of us have tremendous peace of mind to reach out and touch them...can't thank you enough for the breakthrough you engineered...."


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