Reagan Callaghan, RN, BSN, CCM, GCM
Managing Director/Owner
Elder Advocates of SC, Inc.

Elder Care Planning

The plan for successful aging begins with a comprehensive RN assessment. Once, completed, a care plan is designed and implemented for the client and the family. The assessment is updated regularly to reflect the current medical and social status of the client. This tool serves as a valuable resource for the client and family members to insure all legal and health care wishes are documented in the event of a health crisis.

Additional services may include:

  • On-site medication management
  • Scheduled home visits, phone contact and communications with all service providers
  • Facility assessment, facility nursing assessment of client, and/or facility search
  • Nutritional education and ongoing management
  • Comprehensive safety evaluation of home environment
  • Accompany clients to appointments to insure appropriate medical information is being provided to the healthcare professional (i.e. physician, dentist, therapist)
  • Coordination of transportation for all needs
  • Coordination of ancillary services (i.e. home health aides, pharmacy, shopping, cleaning and home maintenance)
  • Act as a liaison between the client, healthcare professionals and family members
  • Assist with future urgent care needs, hospitalizations and discharges
  • Provide resources for financial and legal concerns for the client and the family
  • Ongoing management of medical and ancillary needs of the client


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